The Honda Civic 2017: First Impressions

2017 Honda Civic interior

An updated instrument dashboard and a cluster design. Those are two main features that characterize the interior of Honda Civic 2017. Other than that, we have a blind-spot camera and a button for controlling heated rear seats. New features in the new Honda Civic include the LED headlamps borrowed from the current Honda Civic Coupe’ that debuted in New York in April at the New York National Show. The Coupe was then introduced as the face of the new Civic.

However, despite the subtle similarities, the Honda Civic 2017 is as different from the Coupe as night is from day. For starters, we expect the Civic 2017 to be a 5-door hatchback, although the have been also rumors of a 4-door sedan featuring in the mix in the coming years. Also unconfirmed is the Tourer version, which is expected to join the family of the 2017 Hondas in the closing months of 2017.

2017 Honda Civic specs

The Civic design, being one of the most popular models of the giant Japanese automaker, is set to receive major upgrades through the 2017 iteration. However, Honda has not yet released an official confirmation of the exact improvements they are planning for their 2017 flagship.

On that note, it is to be remembered that the Civic generation, which has been around for more than 4 decades now ( since 1971) has been receiving incremental updates over the years as part of Honda’s new way of keeping up with the modern competition. A competition so stiff that has seen Honda release three to four variants of each of it’s subsequent generations since the early 2000s. This includes the sedan, hatchback, coupe and a type R. Speaking of type R, the Honda Civic 2017 type R will appear in Europe first, for a test run, before crossing the Atlantic to the US later. Honda has maintained that the procedure is meant to make sure that their Type R streak is optimized for the States before hitting the market.

Engine specs

Once again, it’s important to note that Honda has not yet released the official specifications surrounding the all new Honda Civic 2017. Although, there have been rumors that the 2017 iterations will probably sport a hybrid engine, something that can be considered as a game changer for the company. It is also to be remembered that even though Honda was one of the few companies that introduced and trail blazed the invention and adoption of hybrid engines, it has slacked up in the project over the years. In fact, if anything, Honda has been veering slowly from the technology as far as its recent past auto-generations are anything to go by.

Honda Civic 2017

Thus with a new hybrid engine expected to grace the Civic’s 11th generation, it’s speculated that Honda might once again establish itself as a force to reckon with in 2017 and 2018 via the expected car. Analysts have also hinted on the current VTEC valve system on the current model being overhauled or fine-tuned for the new 2017 model.

Release dates

The 2017 edition of the Honda Civic 2017 Type R is expected to hit the European market at the end of the 2017 summer as a test unit. After that, it could be available in the states late 2017 or very early 2017.

18 Photos of the The Honda Civic 2017: First Impressions

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