The Honda Civic 2017 – price, review, specs, description, photos

2016 honda civic si hatchback

The Honda Civic 2017 is arguably the most radical redesigns of this well-aged auto-manufacturer. In fact, it has been dubbed as a one of Honda’s most significant comeback in the auto arena. Couple that with the corporate hyperbole witnessed during it’s unveiling in New York and you have yourself a stunningly designed car with top-of-the-line specs.

Further, the all-new Honda, that is in it’s tenth generation, boasts of unibody Coupe design resting on 18-inch aluminium rims, although Honda has hinted on releasing a 5-door hatchback variant, in the name of the 2017 Honda Civic Sedan, for the same lineup. They have also been rumors of a Civic Liftback model been unveiled in the new future.

2016 honda civic si hatchback

Although Honda has not released the exact and official specifications for their new flagship, reliable auto-sources have confirmed a lime green concept that looks like a breed of a customary sedan and a high-end coupe. If anything, this looks like the type of car you could easily use in place of your sports car and not lose a single luxurious edge. For the suave gentleman or the conservative lady, the Honda will also be available in a black opulent finish with prowess written all over it.

Expected engine performance

Once again, it worth noting that Honda hasn’t yet communicated the exact specifications of the new Civic iteration- at least not by the time of writing. Nonetheless, we could see a return of the six-speed manual transmission system and a Continuously Variable Transmission( CVT ) for the regular trim cars. Otherwise, for the higher-end models, word on the street is that Honda plans on unleashing a game changer as far engine construction goes. And this is through the twin-cam VTEC powerhouses that will be used instead of the conventional engine. The twin-cam engines will feature one 2.1-litre as the base powerplant and an additional 1.6-litre Turbo for the much-needed boost. Such an engine combination can easily rival the likes of the 2017 Subaru Forester.

Additionally, Honda has already announced that the Type R of the new Honda Civic 2017 will also be available in the US and Canada later this year. ( preferably in the fall). Now the Type R will probably be a mid-class hatchback with an equally average 2.1-litre turbo engine. Generally speaking, such an engine can amass a total of 300 horsepowers. Also, since the Type R will be a budget model, we expect that it will be only available in a six-speed manual variant. On that note, lovers of automatic vehicles might be forced to look elsewhere.

2016 Honda Civic for sale

Overall, the Honda Civic 2017 design will be much sportier than all the previous and current models. It seems as if Honda has heed to the cries for the a re-run sequel of the early days of the Honda. That said, there is no doubt that this car was designed with the American audience in mind. In fact, the final styling was developed and completed in Honda’s West Coast studio in Los Angeles, CA.

Release date

Given the little-known facts of the upcoming redefined Civic, it’s evident that Honda intends on keeping this flagship a secret as long as it’s humanly possible. Nonetheless, expect the Honda Civic 2017 before November this year.

30 Photos of the The Honda Civic 2017 – price, review, specs, description, photos

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