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A gentle throwback to the 1967 Ford Mustang, the new generation packs a retro-tinged style that matches the hood vent turn signals, in what can be termed as a response to the recent clamoring for them by Mustang loyalists.

Besides, die hard mustang fans can easily recall the turn-signal repeaters that graced the second generation 1968/69 pony car. Now, Ford decided to nostalgically treat its fans to a repeat of the same, only that this time round the nifty-gimmick will feature an array of LED turn-signals repeaters tucked away under the shell of the hood vents. While these traditional gimmicks add no value to the car’s functional performance as per se, there are still a sign of how far Ford could go to satisfy its devout following.

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In the same breath, the Ford Mustang 2017 marks the return of two versions that graced the original Mustang line back in its heyday- the pony and the California special.

The Califonia Special, which can be said to the premium of the two variants, peppers in a 19-inch, machined, black-painted, aluminum wheels with side and hood stripes. To match the otherwise gorgeous design is a uniquely designed “gas-cap” button or badge that serves a fuel filler. ( It has been absent in all the recent previous generation since the SN95 Mustang).

Swing the door to the CS open and you’re confronted with black leather and suede upholstery. The strut tower, the door panel and the dashboard plaque all boasts of the premier CS branding, as if to assure the owner that indeed they paid for the real deal.Word on the street is that Ford is expected to roll out a convertible option in the form of a Black Accent Package with the taillight trim, decklid spoiler, pony badges, 5.0 and special 18.5-inch wheels; all toned in black.

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Further, when the Ford Mustang 2017 debuts later in October, Ford will also make available the option of a turbocharged package in the shape of a Mustang EcoBoost Premium, for those who prefer a little tangible power in their horses. Both the EcoBoost and the GT buyers will have the luxury of choosing between a factory-painted roof ( with accented black and blue stripes) or a plain, black-painted one. On that note, Ford also confirmed that this time around the V-6 Mustangs will not have a black roof option.

Expected engine performance

When it comes to the Ford Mustang 2017’s powertrain, Ford finally bowed to pressure and extended the long awaited Performance Package to the new Mustang. The bundle will add a plethora of sharper handling and chassis upgrades which were otherwise limited in the past to manual-transmission models. Also present in the house is thicker, heavy-duty front springs and six piston Brembo brakes.
Moreover, you can confidently look forward to a strut tower backed up by an underbody bracing.
That said, this implies that the Ford Mustang 2017 will feature an electric powered steering, ABS, tuned stability control, and a more dynamic front splitter.

Finally, the Ford Mustang 2017 is set pack Ford’s improved infotainment system, complete with updated Sync 3 and touch/voice responsive controls.

The Mustang will be available later this year in the US and early 2017 in the international market.

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