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When the Ford Flex 2017 debuts later this year, it is going to be the 3rd generation of the already iconic SUV line. The 7-seater is a clear sign that the American auto manufacturer is intent in conquering the highly competitive market. As far as this vehicle goes, you can look forward to a redesigned crossover wagon with subtle modern touches that are a characteristic of the latest Ford craftsmanship. Such include a refined engine package and a wider variety in the number of trims available.

The design language

Even though the Ford Flex 2017 is the latest addition to the Flex lineup, it’s carries with it a decent number of the traditional Flex design cues. For starters, the cabin is as roomy as ever. Being a seven-seater, the Ford Flex 2017 is the type of car that could come in handy especially during those all-day family road trips. Not only does it boast of a reliable and safe driving experience, the Ford is also packed with a variety of intuitive features suited for the whole family.

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The engine performance

What’s a Ford without a beast of an engine? Part of the reason Ford has managed to woo a large following of devout fans over the years is through top-of-the-line engine construction. On this regard, the 2017 Ford Flex also does not disappoint in any way. Packing a 3.6-litre V6 engine under a steel-fused-aluminum finish hood, it’s clear that the new Flex is set to be game-changer in the family SUV category.

Backing up the monstrous engine is a 287 horsepower capable of 245 pound-feet of torque, that is, according to the latest update on Ford’s website. For those of us who might feel that they need an extra power-boost, there will be the option of upgrading to an EcoBoost engine when the car debuts later this year. An EcoBoost engine is capable of up to 365 horsepower coupled with a 350-pound-feet torque.

Unfortunately, however, fuel economy in the new 2017 Ford Flex will still be a far cry from the best bench in the industry today. If anything it has merely stagnated at 25mpg while other competitors are keen on improving the mileage per gallon of their upcoming vehicles.
Safety features.

2016 Ford Flex msrp

That said, to compensate for the lackluster fuel economy, Ford decided to add a ton of safety features to the upcoming family SUV. In fact, top analysts speculate that the new 2017 Ford Flex will most likely be the safest vehicle to ride when it launches in October. Which, in this case, is thanks to improved stability and traction control, a wide array of parking sensors, anti-lock brakes, and a rear-view camera.

Upgrade to higher trims and you will savour the goodness of forward-collision alert, adaptive cruise control and blind spot monitoring.

The interior

The boxy Ford flex figure is the exact opposite of the exquisitely designed interior. Actually it’s simply a paradox. While the exterior may be anything but eye-catching ( so to speak), the interior is the epitome of deluxe, plush and elegant upholstery.

While the all the data available online regarding this upcoming family SUV may not be conclusive, there’s no denying that the Ford Flex 2017 will be a prized possession to both Ford Newbies and Ford enthusiasts alike.

12 Photos of the The Ford Flex 2017

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