The All New Ford Taurus 2017 That Won’t See Live To See American Roads

2016 Ford Taurus exterior

What happens when you have a big sedan with a common plain face? That’s the car Ford unveiled in Shanghai, China, last month ( July 2016). While the new Taurus is likely to be a game changer when it debuts later in September, it still features the same characteristic Ford features e.g subtle and conventional lines.

Apart from that, the new Ford Taurus 2017 will be bigger, stronger and somewhat resembles the current Fusion. Inside, the Taurus is your ultimate comfort family sedan with luxurious upholstery and plenty of head and leg room. Besides, Ford has stepped up their game to include features such as full climate control and reclining seats.

2016 Ford Taurus

Engine performance and related specs

The new Ford Taurus 2017 taps it’s power from a 2.7-litre EcoBoost V6, which is also responsible for a powerful acceleration and a decent fuel economy. In fact, analysts speculate that this the exact kind of car Ford needed to woo predominant SUV owners back to the sedans.

The biggest surprise, however, came when Ford announced that their newest Taurus will not debut in the US -at least not this year. Apparently, the Taurus was designed only for Chinese roads and the International market. It seems as if Americans have shied away from mid-sized sedans over the past years, and Ford thinks that it would so much trouble to market the Taurus in the US market.

For some people, this comes as a shocker given that mid-sized sedans were the most common type of vehicles on American roads until very recently. In fact, since 2010, a majority of Americans have veered towards SUVs, sports cars and station wagons leaving the sedans out in the cold. How well this will augur in the future remains to be seen.

2016 Ford Taurus interior

On the other hand, however, the Chinese market has warmed up and gravitated towards the Ford design, and the sales Ford Taurus 2017 are expected to hit an all-time high by the end of the year. It is in line with the fact that the upcoming Ford Taurus is a mid-range vehicle with a luxurious interior but with a rather plain exterior that doesn’t scream ‘Luxury’ unlike its high-end brothers. Something that fits well in the traditional conservative culture of China.

Looking at it from another angle, it’s also possible that Ford designed the new Taurus specifically with the Chinese lifestyle in mind. In China, it’s not uncommon for a majority of well-do folks to hire drivers or chauffeurs to drive them to work or around town to avoid dealing with the Beijing or Guangzhou traffic. They also prefer occupying the back left position which works excellently with the new Taurus’ spacious back seat with plenty of legroom.

Nonetheless, Ford hasn’t at all forgotten the American market. For the Americans, they prefer to sell them the flamboyant Lincoln Intercontinental in place of the minimalistic Ford Taurus. Evidently, it appears that the subdued plush interior in the Ford Taurus wouldn’t be as appealing to the Westerners the same way the Lincoln would do. Evidently, in China, a plain modest car would be much more attractive than a pimped extravagant ride.

12 Photos of the The All New Ford Taurus 2017 That Won’t See Live To See American Roads

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