The 2017 Jeep Liberty

2016 Jeep Liberty

Word on the street has it the 2017 iteration of the Jeep liberty is to be sold under the name of the SUV 2017 Jeep Cherokee. However, despite the name changes, many people will still refer to it simply as the Liberty.

The 2017 generation of the Liberty series is an amalgamation of the Wrangler and the Grand Cherokee, and the unibody construction from previous years has been given a brushed hairline finish resulting to a more prestigious looking Jeep. According to the manufacturer’s specs sheet, the 2017 Jeep Liberty is set to come in the usual 4 wheel-drive fashion, with better fuel economy than previous generations and one of the best handling experiences today.

2016 Jeep Liberty price

The Design Language

There’s no doubt that the 2017 Jeep Liberty design builds perfectly on the previous models’ design. As usual we have the same Jeep characteristic features that include the aggressive and strong build, perfect aerodynamics and LED tail lights. Further, the curved spoiler and dual tail pipes return to give the new Jeep a powerful, menacing look.

The Interior Luxury

Swing the door to the Jeep open and you’re confronted with an exquisitely furnished interior. The roomy cabin has an unparalleled element of oozing deluxe that reminds us of Jeep’s superior craftsmanship. The dashboard is as modern as it can get while the high-strength steel shows just how far Jeep had to go to give this vehicle a premium touch.

The engine specs

Even though Jeep has not yet released the final engine specs of the new 2017 Jeep Liberty, it’s obvious that the machine will not pack anything less than 3.2-litre V6 engine with a start/stop system. It is also speculated that the engine will be beefed up a nine-speed transmission system. As for fuel economy, this will probably be Jeep’s least thirsty cars that boast of a front-wheel driving system.

2016 Jeep Liberty specs

For customers in the US, the Jeep Cherokee will assume 5 different models; the Latitude, the Trailhawk, the Altitude, Sport and Limited. Further, the Jeep has said that all the five models except the Trailhawk will be produced in both 4*2 or 4*4 drive systems. We also expect to see the grand return of the Jeep Active Drive 2 which will be available in higher trim levels only.

Nonetheless, models with lower trim levels will be fitted with the same customary 9-speed transmission system but with automatic shift gears.
For buyers outside the US, the 2017 Jeep Liberty will appear packing a 24 Valve VVT engine complete with PZEV Multiair and start/stop inbuilt system.

The 2017 Jeep Liberty release date and price

According to the official Jeep Website, the Sport Cherokee will go for around $23000 while the Latitude version will cost approximately $24900. At the same time, the 2017 Liberty Limited will require a budget of over $29000. Bear in mind that those prices are for the 4*2 drive systems, therefore, the AWD drive variants will call for a $1500 to $2000 extra price tag compared to the conventional FWD.

The most expensive of the crop will be the Trailhawk 2017 Jeep liberty that is set to scale the heights of over $32000 for the FWD and a massive $35000 for the All Wheel Drive.

The vehicles will be available late this year. ( 2016)

6 Photos of the The 2017 Jeep Liberty

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