The 2017 BMW Z4- Brilliance On A Budget

2015 BMW Z4 price

The 2017 BMW Z4 is not your everyday kind of vehicle. Not only does it have a reasonable price tag, but also the Z4 is no doubt one of the best and good-looking convertibles to date. Now we already know that the Z4 line is BMW’s ‘feminine’ line but this year the tables have turned. Even though the Z4 still possesses the same sleek, aerodynamic and compact form factor, it now has touches of aggressiveness thanks to the L-Shaped headlights and broader grill compared to last year’s prototype.
The exterior.


2015 BMW Z4 for sale

The all-new convertible boasts of a two-seater luxurious design which has actually become the tradition of BWM’s top-shelf cars. Despite the fact that there are some minimalistic new changes here and there, the car’s form factor is largely the same as last years. However, the new iteration is a tad-bit broader, a titbit shorter and overall more compact that the past generations.


Additionally, the rear end of the 2017 BMW Z4 is bigger than the past generations’, which, of course, implies that the car now has a more muscular and has a sports-like aura around it.
All in all, the 2017 BMW Z4 is one of the biggest proof that the Z generation that began back in 2002 is gradually getting better by day.

2015 BMW Z4 interior


Under the hood

BMW’s 2017 roadster is without a doubt a beast despite its budget price point. For starters, the acceleration is better as the latest BMW convertible in town can manage an impressive 0 to 60 mph in under 5.5 seconds. Secondly, beneath its beautiful hood you will be treated to the latest turbocharged twin engine with the ability to amass over 350 horsepowers couple with 416 pound-feet of torque. That aside, the 6-cylinder engine utilizes an 8-rate manual transmission system that will see the rear wheel spurt into action within the twist of the sporty-looking joystick.


The interior

For a sports car, the interior of the Z4 is as good as they come. Now, the plush upholstery from the last generation easily gives way to a more conservative brown genuine leather interior. To be accurate, the sleek and smooth metallic exterior slowly curves and ends with a Burnt Sienna leather upholstery that can easily rival DB9’s interior.


As far as the infotainment system goes again everything is high end across the board. The LCD display panel from last year returns amidst a better-crafted wraparound dashboard. From there, a user can gain access to almost all control features of the sleek automobile from the novel Lane Keep Assist to the more generic but still modern Adaptive Cruise Control.


Also, it seems that the 2016’s vehicular technology has caught up with the Germans. With the 2017 BMW, the motorist will now enjoy advanced tech features such a keyless entry system, automatic climate control, NFC connectivity and Google maps integrated Navigation system.


Price point

The 2017 BMW Z4, despite it’s huge array of high-end features is still priced at a relatively affordable $45000’s mark. Now, for many folks, the Z4 represents a rare breed of modern convertibles, that feel every inch 6-figures but still cost less than half of that prohibitive price group.

9 Photos of the The 2017 BMW Z4- Brilliance On A Budget

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