The 2017 BMW X1 Review

2016 BMW X1 interior

5 years ago when BMW launched the new X1 line, a majority of critics were eager to raise their doubts regarding the credibility of the new luxury line. While the X1 at the time seemed a tad ‘less-up to-the-mark’ the giant German auto manufacturer has streamlined, polished and made sure that the X1 series goes to toe-to-toe with the best SUV in this industry.


2016 BMW X1

The exterior

The 2017 BMW X1 is a peculiar piece of excellence. While it is not a sedan, it very evident that it’s not a full-fledged SUV. If anything, it’s design, which lies between the two contrasting form factors can be only be said to be a compact crossover. The picture gets murkier when you factor in that BMW has announced that the X1 is not going to be rear-wheel drive vehicle as many had hoped earlier in the year.


Nonetheless, unlike other people’s carriers in the market, the all-new 2017 BMW X1 is a combination of BMW’s two best-selling designs; the Gran Tourer and the 2 Series Active Tourer.

BMW X1 2016


Under the hood

The new X1, like the previous generations, is fitted with the same sufficient 2.0-liter straight-six engine. That means that we’re going to see the same production of 228 horsepowers and a 258 pound-feet of torque to match, return in this new series. Now, given that the X1 is a front-wheel drive vehicle, 100% of this torque is channeled to the front wheels through an xDrive2.8i transmission. Now, for Americans, the only available trim level is going to be an 8-speed automatic, although the international market will have the luxury of a full 7-speed manual trim.


However, those who will end up with the 8-speed automatic will enjoy the services of a ruggedly-built shift paddles complete with the new BMW M sports package.


Aside from that, it speculated that BMW will add an additional S-Drive package to the new 2017 BMW X1 before the end of the year, as a way of staying ahead of the competition.


The run

BMW has confirmed that the new X1 will be about 60 pounds lighter than it’s predecessor, the 2014 X1. Although this difference might sound subtle to a car of its scale, there’s nowhere this is reflected better than in the ability of this crossover to sprint from 0 to 60mph in under 6.3 seconds.

The top speed, however, remains pinned at 130 mph to 143 mph depending on the trim level of the model.


The interior

It has been an unspoken rule that if the looks of the BMW X1 do not win you over, the infotainment and internal electronics will surely do. The story is not different with the 2017 iteration. In fact, BMW has stepped up their game to include some of the latest gizmos we’ve seen in the auto arena. Among this include; power folding rear seats, a lane departure warning system, Adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning and most importantly the automated parking technology.

As if that wasn’t enough, we now have in-drive apps included in the car’s operating system such as Spotify, Facebook, iHeartRadio, Twitter, etc.


Price and release date

The 2017 BMW X1 is currently headed to the shores of Eastern Seaboard and is supposed to hit the stores before the end of the September this year. As usually with the X1 series, the price should revolve around $35000

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