The 2017 BMW M6 – Where Luxury Meets Functionality

2017 BMW M6 engine

Power, torque, versatility and beauty; those are four main adjectives that describe the 2017 BMW M6. But it doesn’t just stop there. The 2017 iteration of the luxurious lineup is more than just a pretty face and posh cabin. It is every inch a competitive flagship and has an equally prohibitive price tag to boot. The script gets even more fascinating when you factor in the fact that the latest BMW now has a twin-turbo charged engine.


2017 BMW M6 color

The exterior and the design language

As usual, the latest generation in the BMW lineup has the same good looks that the previous iterations were famous for. Although now, the new BMW has a sleeker profile and a little more squinted headlights, giving it the demeanor of beauty interfused with aggressive masculinity. Like all other muscle and sports, the 2017 BMW M6 is a two door, two-passenger coupe, although they’ve rumours that the German’s are likely to release a similar but pricier convertible version.


Under the hood

Forget the Mustangs and the rare Bugatti Veyron. It is underhood where the 2017 BMW M6 really trumps her competitors. The twin Turbocharged engine mentioned earlier has the capacity to push over 600 horsepowers to the rear wheels of this elegantly and stylishly crafted sports car. While at it, over 516 pound-feet of torque are amassed making this year’s BMW M6 a rocket on wheels. As if to confirm it’s superlative qualities, the BMW M6 can now boast of a powerful sprint like never before. The Gran Coupe trim level, for example, can accelerate from rest to 60mph within less than 3.5 secs- a novelty in this day and age. In fact, car analysts have time and again christened the BMW M6 as one of the fastest cars in 2017, save for the ultra-expensive Veyrons and Gallardos.

New 2017 BMW M6


On that note, the top speed remains at the eclectic 155mph while the capacity is unfortunately still at 4.4 liters. Therefore, it’s evident that BMW still don’t want to let go of the very features that made them stand out some years back.As far as fuel consumption is concerned, the BMW M6 is as good as any fuel thirsty muscle car out there. Although, at 15MPG on city roads and 22MPG on highways, the 2017 BMW M6 feels every inch a premium car.


The lavishly furnished interior

In spite of the high-end features in the 2017 BMW M6 engine specs sheet, it is in the interior that the car actually stands out. Now last years inflated but posh upholstery gives way to genuine Nappa leather seat covers. The infotainment system is virtually almost the same, only that now you can gain access to the vehicle’s most pertinent control features via the LCD display unit. This includes the semi-autonomous driver features such as Lane Keeping Assist and Adaptive Cruise Control.


Price and competitors

As it has become the norm, the BMW M6 price tag goes toe-to-toe with the best in this industry. The $125000+ price point puts the M6 among top-shelf muscles cars and sports cars such as the Mercedes-Benz SL36 and the Audi RS7- both of which have a six figure price tag to match.

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