Honda Accord 2017 Review

2017 Honda Accord exterior

The Honda Accord, one of the Japanese automaker’s most successful generation has a new iteration- the Accord 2017. This next-gen Honda coupe, which will be available in the United States as Honda Accord TLX has seen a number of fresh improvements especially in the cabin design and engine specifications. In China, the Honda Accord 2017 will be presented as the Accord Spirior, although, it’s likely that the TLX and the Accord Spirior will be one and the same thing, just under different names.


2017 Honda Accord

The Accord line, which was introduced back in April 2013 at the annual Beijing Auto-Show has proven to be a force to reckon with, as far as the sedan and coupe market is concerned. And the script does not read any different with the 2017 generation.


The Exterior Impressions

The attractive, elegant, modern sleek look from previous Accords will continue to persist in the future Accord. We also expect that Honda will, however, introduce a titbit of aggressiveness in its upcoming flagship, especially considering that there have been rumors of a revamped grille and hood in the Honda Accord 2017. Moreover, the bodywork, which currently sports extended lines and a stylish form factor is expected to also migrate to the new Accord.

2017 Honda Accord reviews


The Engine Dynamics

It is one thing to copy and paste the exterior of one generation to the next with a few subtle changes. However, when it comes to engine, it’s only natural to expect a new design, concept, and specifications. Honda seems to have played by these rules given that the engine of the Honda Accord 2017 is expected to be as revolutionary as it is traditional. For starters, we are likely to see an improved iVEC petrol engine with a supported direct-injection system. The capacity will be pegged at 2.4 litres, something that raises questions about the Honda’s ability to handle long road trips without the occasional refuelling.


Further, as an avid accord fan, you can expect a four-cylinder engine able to amass a decent 190 horsepowers of raw force and backed up an 8-speed DCT gearbox. Besides, Honda has also confirmed better fuel economy ( despite the small capacity) and V6 ( not necessarily turbo-charged) to be the highlights of the upcoming 2017 flagship.


Now, it might have a different name, but the new Accord has the same body-to-engine ratio of the previous models. Also, it won’t be surprising if Honda transferred the current or previous engine designs to the 2017 flagship, despite the numerous improvement plans outlined above.


Release dates, pricing and rival cars

Although it’s not possible to speculate the exact price of the upcoming Accord, it’s evident that it will fall within the range of the higher twenty thousand and the mid-thirty thousand dollars. In this price group, the Honda Accord 2017 will be up against some serious rivalry from the Audi A4, Passat, Toyota Avensis, Madza 6, the Ford Mondeo, Camry, Jetta to mention just but a few. Being a 2017 generation, the car is expected to hit the US market in the fall of 2017 and the International and Middle-Eastern market at the start of 2017.

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