Ford S-Max 2017

2016 Ford S-Max concept cars

In a world of stiff auto competition, you can only expect companies to release only the best for their flagship lineups. And the case is not so different with the Ford S-Max 2017 whose unibody, aluminum and steel finish gives it the much-acclaimed premium look and feel. In the recent past, Ford has taken criticism for sticking with aged designs and fearing to turn to the tables as far the exterior form factor it’s vehicles is concerned. So it didn’t come as a surprise when they released a prototype for the new S-Max whose exterior wasn’t anywhere near the company’s past iterations.

Speaking of the exterior, the Ford S-Max 2017 builds on a typical sports style design, but peppers in touches of classical modern look. According to the designer behind Ford’s new look, the Ford S-Max 2017 hails the new Sport Activity Vehicle design also known as SAV. And thus doesn’t come as a shock that Ford’s newest S-Max is a raw combination of a muscular look, vogue, and modernity. Lovers of the S-Max generation can also look forward to 19-inch all aluminum rims and redefined LED headlamps. The model is available in a variety of colors ranging from Candy Red, Deep Blue, Parkside, MoonDust Silver, Hypnotic Silver, Lunar Sky and Panther. This makes it one of the most customizable Ford on the road to date.

2016 Ford S-Max interior

Interior impressions

At a glance, the inside of the new Ford S-Max is a plushy, trendy and luxurious as it can get in any car in 2016. Further, Ford decided to go a step further and included climate control and adjustable seats as a bonus to the new owners. Generally, the seven-seater feels as roomy as any mid-sized SUV while the dashboard is a carry over from the 2016 iteration. Unlike it’s smaller brother the C-Max, the interior of the Ford S-Max 2017 has received a major renovation.

Ford has finally veered from the traditional rexine upholstery to include leather seats and cloth upholstery giving the new Ford SUV a very elegant interior appeal. The refined leather will be part of Ford’s Larger decor and styling upgrades that also includes improvements such as soft-touch.

Even though Ford has carried forward the dashboard from the previous iterations, it hasn’t been without a few modern touches including a more sporty and curved tapering form factor.

2016 Ford S-Max GT

The revised dashboard also houses a better control panel boasting of more connectivity features e.g Bluetooth, USB 3.0 connection port, and inbuilt Wi-Fi. Novelties include auxiliary power outputs, something that has been consistent across all Ford, 2017 models.

Safety features

Like most seven-seaters, the Ford-S-Max 2017 has airbags lined up in all rows and anti-lock brakes have been added for better braking and brake assist. To add on that, there’s a rear-view camera and rear and front parking sensors have also been included for safer parking.

Engine and performance

Unlike other iterations, the new generation of the Ford S-Max 2017 will be available in two variants. The first has a 2.0-litre petrol engine with EcoBoost SCTi technology. The other one has a 1.6-litre diesel engine fitted with TDCi technology.

16 Photos of the Ford S-Max 2017

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