Ford Mustang 2017 – review

2017 Ford Mustang interior

The proposed design for the Ford Mustang 2017 combines the elegance of the Ford Shelby and the raw power of the GT 500 lineup to craft a one of a kind mesmeric supercar. Now, for the numerous Mustang enthusiasts, the 2017 flagship will bring on board a newer, more attractive and stylish design, that is likely to place the car at par with the top dogs of the industry. If anything, the Ford Mustang 2017 is arguably going to go down as one of the best-designed Ponies of all time.


2017 Ford Mustang concept cars

On the outside, the future Mustang will most likely make a strong first impression. And this applies to both racers and luxury buyers. It simply can get any better than the rare mixture of black and white tones that is expected to give the Mustang a major facelift. Not to mention the machined grill and shapely GT 500 design that oozes vogue and sophistication.


The engine specifications and performance

Although Ford has only released a prototype of its newest Mustang, it’s clear that the specifications laid out for the Ford Mustang 2017 are as futuristic as they come. The front will be covered with a clever camouflage flanked side by side by wide air intakes and a dynamic nose design. Unlike the previous iterations, including the present Shelby 500, the Ford Mustang 2017 is likely to feature bigger air intakes and dual exhausts. Nevertheless, the characteristic large heat extractor that is more of an insignia of the Shelby design will be maintained, the same way the air intakes and the massive hood power bulge persists.

2017 Ford Mustang interior


Further, just like its predecessor, the Ford Mustang 2017 will be carried on Michelin rubber, to be more specific; Pilot Super Sport Tires. Nonetheless, it is the 19-inch all aluminum rims that will carry the day as far as external looks are concerned.


Going under the hood, the Ford Mustang 2017 will pack a gallant 5.8 liter V6 engine – according to unconfirmed sources. This will be a step up to the current 5.3, something that is reflected by the revved up raw power expected from it. In fact, word on the street is that the Ford Mustang 2017’s engine will be capable of amassing 660 horsepowers as well as 620 pound-food per ton and clocking over 7000 revolutions per minute. Though, this might be good news to ardent Mustang racers, it raises the gas consumption and thus ostensibly lowers fuel economy to almost 17.5 miles per gallon. Which, of course, is a far cry from the 25mpg of the current 2016 Ford Mustang.


Another thing that Mustangs’ devout could end up paying more for is the new six-speed manual transmission system. Though it is rumored that there will be cheaper automatic version, the manual version (considering that this has been predominantly a racing breed) will be the people’s favorite. Nothing beats the experience of manually shifting gears while at the same time struggling fervently to control speeding wheels on a racing track.


However, for those looking for something ‘conventional’, chances are, the 2017 Ford Mustang will also have an automatic engine counterpart- if past trends are anything to go by.

Last but not least, expect the new Mustang late 2017 or very early 2017 in the nearest car dealership near you.

16 Photos of the Ford Mustang 2017 – review

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