Bentley Continental GT 2017: Indulge in a Rich Man’s Ride

2016 bentley continental gt speed convertible

Bentley’s family of coupes and convertibles introduces a remodeled Continental GT to the world, rolling out a host of interior and exterior tweaks. With a conditioned power bump for its W-12 engine, the luxury car is still in the running for being one of most sophisticated speed models. Bentley, one of Britain’s oldest automobile companies has made remarkable progress to match the inescapable charm of its American rivals. The busty and bulletproof GT is definitely hardwired for everyday grind with a new 6.0 liter W-12 engine that gives exceptional torque delivery. It is quite a possibility that in 2017 Bentley Continental GT has a high chance of owning the streets now that it boasts a broadened lineage of innovative mechanics.

Branded Design

With noticeable aerodynamics that feature visual changes like a redesigned bumper and three new wheel designs, 2017 Bentley Continental GT makes fierce competition. The model sports a smaller grille, revamped fenders that consist of obligatory side gills and a lower diffuser that has been added to the GT speed model. Enhanced ergonomics of the vehicle include straight line stability, softer spring settings and carbon ceramic brakes. By Bentley standards, convertible GT is a systematic machine that comes with a reshaped trunk. Internally combusted performance of the GT lineup also introduces a new Audi sourced, twin turbocharged, 4.0 liter V8 with an automatic gear box.

2016 bentley continental gt speed convertible

Exceptional Performance

The accelerated sprint of 60mph makes it the fastest Bentley in town so don’t be surprised if you find one flying past you. The durable W-12 engine pumps out 582 horse power with an excellent torque run-up of 516lb ft. Offering effortless pace, the GT fuses modern mechanisms within a traditional framework like cylinder deactivation to function under times of emergency. With big turbochargers comes with an exceptional power plant that boosts torque at just 1700rpm. Offering improved thermal management, lower rolling resistance tires and a fascinating engine layout the model definitely is an economized version.

Sophisticated Interiors

With pronounced curves and creases around the corners, the 2017 model has sacrificed traditional elements for a muscular body that sits on 20 inch wheels, complete with an aluminum finish. Cabin features of the Continental GT introduce principle revisions like the new steering wheel, tiller and a faster steering rack. Sporting comfortable and soft embroidered leathers, the model boasts chrome embellished control dials, elegant walnut veneers and handmade aluminum fascia inserts. The old English cabin feel of the vehicle is enhanced by its extra space and a new touch screen multimedia system.


Bentley GT has hauled itself into the automobile industry with absolute conviction letting you enjoy a luxurious ride, smoothing out highway imperfections. Continental GT (W-12 variant) is a generously equipped model has the potential to run on E85 bio fuel making it an environmental friendly option. Ensuring excellent fuel economy, you can enjoy an uninterrupted cruise now that the aerodynamic drag is reduced. The stunning model gives you the comfort of spontaneous rides; available at a base price of $196, 225. In 2017 Bentley Continental GT meets hand crafted luxury that combines a suite of mechanical refinements to ensure a wonderful traveling experience.

2016 Bentley Continental GT interior

12 Photos of the Bentley Continental GT 2017: Indulge in a Rich Man’s Ride

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