Bentley Continental Flying Spur 2017 – Review

2016 Bentley Continental Flying Spur photos

As hard as it might be to believe, it has now been over a dozen years since Bentley rolled its first Continental GT in the market. After incorporating a proliferation of body styles and various engine variants, there was a substantial upgrade in 2011. Now, about five years later, Bentley Continental lines up for 2017. You read it right, 2017 Bentley Continental Flying Spur’s release date is right around the corner.

Whether you are a fan of Bentley or not, it is inarguable that they are manufacturing some of the most technological advances automobile on the planet. Even with mighty Volkswagen right up their alley, Bentley has managed to receive its widespread success in the recent years. With products such as Arnage, Continental GT, they are quite ready to take a step into the next generation of automobiles, and that might as well be with 2017 Continental GT.

2016 Bentley Continental Flying Spur reviews

2017 Bentley Continental Flying Spur receives fair share of enhancements. The Continental GT family is bringing to the table, a considerable amount of tweaks on the interior, exterior, as well as enhanced fuel economy.

First off, 2017 Bentley Continental benefits from revised front bumper and grille. The 2017 model gets new seats — diamond quilted on speed models and straight fluted on standard models. Also, Bentley is revised with new trunk lid, fenders (Metallic B Vent) — as well as new easily accessible controls. The size of the wheels are going to be twenty to twenty one inches.

It features all new chrome badging, which is pretty much comparable with that which is found on range topping Continental GT Speed models. And thanks to the redesigned rear diffuser which will contribute to noticeable performance spike. Continental GT family is offering three different colors for the exterior of the automobile, they comprise of Camel (soft gold), Jetsteam (bright metallic blue) and Marlin (deep metallic blue. And three fresh wheel designs of 20 and 21 inch sizes. Not to mention, in updating the coupé of the vehicle, Bentley definitely has not over looked its 2017 model, although the changes made to the uber lux saloon isn’t all that praise worthy. These round up for changes to the exterior of 2017 Bentley Continental Flying Spur.

Bentley Continental Flying Spur 2016

As for the engine, the output is going straight from 567 horsepower to 582 horsepower, and for the other model from 516 pound feet horsepower to 531 horsepower. Bentley is sort of holding back what benefit we are going to net from its performance since the engine is enhanced to twelve cylinder. But for damn sure it will not come at the cost of fuel economy. There is also a new cylinder deactivating feature which cuts the fuel consumption by five percent even while on power boost.

Its powerful engine helps it to accelerate from naught to sixty mile per hour in just 4.5 seconds of time. The price of this car starts at 166,999 dollars, which is quite affordable considering the enhancements and other features it offers. Undoubtedly, before Bentley even makes it to the show room in 2017, it is a major hit and can prove to be really worse for other automobile companies.

7 Photos of the Bentley Continental Flying Spur 2017 – Review

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