2017 Ford Super Duty pickups, review, specs, description, photos

2017 Ford Super Duty limited

When it comes to heavy-duty pickups, no one does it better than Ford. And this year, Ford returns with a Victor Vasarely-inspired exterior, complete with a funkadelic camouflage.

The Super Duty is without a doubt the reason why Ford has been in forefront of the ‘truck game’ and if external looks are anything to go by, the next generation Ford is likely to be one of the best iterations of the F-series line. It is not that the past F-series generations have been a disappointment as per se, but reports indicated that the upcoming 2017 Ford Super Duty will easily go toe-to-toe with the best trucks in the industry.

2017 Ford Super Duty release date

The Exterior

Aluminum body panels interfused with a steel unibody forms the trademark of the new 2017 Ford Super Duty. In fact, it seems as if Ford will be sticking to the design that made them a best-selling company more than three decades ago. Like it’s smaller brother, the Ford Super Duty, will obviously be a double-cabin truck with idyllic LED headlamps to boot.

However, it is the form factor that is likely to set this new Ford Flagship part from the competition. Boasting of a high-strength steel skeleton filled up with a beefy aluminum-intensive body, it very evident that this is going to be arguably the best constructed Ford to date. We also expect it to drop a few pounds, but recent statistics shows that the upcoming Ford will be taller by a few inches than the predecessors.

Under the hood

Although Ford hasn’t released much information or details regarding the powertrain of the all new 2017 Ford Super Duty is set to be as powerful as the previous iterations that we’ve treated to. For starters, expect the 6.7-litre V8 engine to return, better, more fluid and compact. At the same time, given that the diesel power stroke will be carried over from past generations, it is probable that the new 2017 Ford Super Duty will be still capable of 385 horsepowers coupled with over 485-pound feet of torque we’ve seen in the past F-series iterations.

2017 Ford Super Duty msrp

On that note, however, auto analysts speculate that the Ford might decide to overhaul the traditional diesel Powerstroke in the 2017 Super Duty and fit a petrol engine instead. How that turns out remains to be seen.

As far as transmission goes, Ford hasn’t been the biggest fan of automatic transmissions in the past years. Nonetheless, that is likely to change when you consider that a couple of other 2017 and 2017 generation Ford’s are already going the automatic way. Again, that remains to be seen.

Price and release date

There’s no dispute that it’s going to be a few months or seasons before Ford puts this new vehicle on the roads. For those in the US, you can expect to see the new Ford in the stores as early as late 2017 or early 2017.

Given that Ford has used more aluminum than steel on the new 2017 Ford Super Duty ( or at least they will) it’s highly likely that the next generation F-series will be a tad more expensive than the current or past generations.

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