2017 Ford Bronco review

Ford Bronco 2016

After more than 20 years of an almost tangible absence, the Bronco model returns to the relief of the otherwise frustrated Bronco fans. Yes, you guessed it right, Ford has been refining, redesigning and reinventing the Bronco model for the past two decades and so it would only be fair if they came up with an uncompromising, top-of-the-line road truck. But did they? Let’s see.

The exterior first impressions

Apart from an improved performance, Ford has singled out more improvements for the latest Bronco. One of them being that the Ford Bronco 2017 will feature a 2-door design backed up by a four-wheel drive system. This makes it one of the best vehicles for that occasional road trip upcountry or for your out-of-town or state escapade. Going by the pictures of the upcoming Bronco available online, one thing is clear- Ford has invested a lot in making the 2-door truck as attractive, modern and minimalistic as it can get. The sharp lines and aggressive form factor combine to give it a bold, masculine form factor. Further, the unique placement of the headlamps and grille result in a luxurious yet intimidating look that oozes power and prowess.

2016 Ford Bronco

The interior

Unlike most SUVs on the road today, the interior of the Ford Bronco 2017 is as luxurious as the outside is aggressive. The seats might not be leather backed, but they are still plush and comfortable enough to make driving for long hours nothing short of a therapeutic experience. Couple that with a roomy cabin that can accommodate up to 4 adults with ease and you have yourself the perfect getaway vehicle for all your weekend escapades. Not to mention the inbuilt climate control system, an improved stereo system, and a touchscreen-based control panel.

The engine

Although Ford hasn’t yet released the official engine specifications of the new Ford Bronco 2017, it is still speculated that the upcoming vehicle will be available in three versions. For starters, there will be a 5.0-litre Coyote gasoline engine with an eight-cylinder manual transmission system. The engine will be capable of amassing over 420 horsepowers. Secondly, word is rife on the street that Ford will also have a standard powertrain Bronco. Lastly, Bronco fans can expect a vehicle with a 4.8-litre six cylinder diesel Powerstroke engine. The diesel powertrain will also be in a position to produce 330 horsepowers and a matching 650 pound-feet of torque. Given the recent and past strides that Ford has made in fuel economy technology, we can only expect that the Ford Bronco 2017 will be a top performer in terms of fuel consumption versus mileage ratio.

The Ford Bronco 2017 release date

The all new and long-awaited Ford Bronco will be available in the US market probably starting from next year’s summer. It is also expected to hit the international market early 2017 or very late 2017. However, since Ford is yet to release the exact specifications of its newest Bronco, it’s almost impossible to speculate the price of the upcoming vehicle. Nonetheless, going by the information gathered so far, it’s likely that the tag will fall between $30000 and $37000.

Ford Bronco 2016

6 Photos of the 2017 Ford Bronco review

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