2017 Aston Martin Vantage – price, review, specs, description, photos

2016 Aston Martin Vantage release date

The Vantage, which was once voted as being one of the most beautiful machines on the road, returns this year in the all-new 2017 Aston Martin V8 Vantage iteration. The Aston Martin Vantage Luxury line that was introduced back in 2006 has received notable upgrades and revisions over the years making it a force to reckon with in the mid-high end sports car category. Other significant competitors in this bracket include the Jaguar F-type and the likes of the Porsche 911.

At a glance, the British-built 2017 Aston Martin V8 Vantage combines the raw power of the GT series and the quiet brilliance of the DB generation to forge one attractive premium looking and feeling sports car. Under the hood, the latest Vantage packs a 4.7litre V8 engine able to amass a respectable 420hp at 435 pound-feet torque. Apart from that, the 2017 Aston Martin V8 Vantage is available as a six-speed manual or a conventional sport shirt automatic, with many people opting for the former considering that it offers a better driving experience.

2016 Aston Martin Vantage price

The design language

Decades after Henrik Fisker crafted the design of the debut generation of the Vantage lineup; the car still turns heads wherever it is driven to. The good looks of the 2017 Aston Martin V8 Vantage can be attributed to years of refinement, adjustment and revision. Unlike the previous iterations, the 2017 Vantage can now see eye to eye with rivals flagships from Mercedes, Chevrolet, Audi and Jaguar.

Although the 4.7litre V8 is not exactly a novel feature in the auto world arena, it still commands respect bearing in mind that it is far from being the worst. In fact, it the smooth glide of the V8 Vantage is owed to the near perfect semi-automatic system that the 2017 Aston Martin V8 packs.

The interior controls are solid, however, this time around Aston Martin decided to cap off the entire control of the car from one portal to reduce the chances for remote hacking- an issue that has raised concerns in the past over the safety of fully automated supercars.

2016 Aston Martin Vantage msrp

As the door swings open it reveals a myriad of expensively cushioned seats, padded upholstery and a comfortable driving position. To complement the native Aston look is a DBS style console and flyaway handbrake to match. Although critics have blasted Aston Martin for redundancy, claiming that the inclusion of the electronic parking gear system eliminates the need for this brake.

The Driving Experience

As much as the 2017 Aston Martin V8 Vantage feels pleasurable on the road ( in fact it feels nothing short of a million dollars), keeping it there is likely going to cost you an arm and a leg. According to the car’s spec sheet, it is rated at an overwhelming 20mpg, and you will also have to settle $600 tax bill per year. A culmination of these two factors means that you’ll need deep pockets to keep the 2017 Aston Martin V8 on the road. Not to mention the accompanying the insurance and tax liabilities that are known to be at an all-time high when tit comes to exclusive luxury sports cars.

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